Watch: All We Want is Justice: 1966 Starr County Farm Strike and the 400 mile march to Austin
Escrito por Sergio Trevino, April 1, 2022

Did you miss our meeting All We Want is Justice? It was about the 1966 Starr County Farm Strike and the 490 mile march to Austin, an inspiring story of people coming together to push back against the established political and economic powers and won over time.

Watch it below.

Did you know that not one but two of the most consequential Civil Rights marches in the history of this country ran through the city where LUPE is headquartered?

Both of these two home-grown civil rights marches changed the course of Texas and the nation.

If you’ve never heard about these marches from decades ago, you’re not alone. But they hold important lessons for how we can make change happen today.

Both times individuals like you joined together across race and class to bring attention and eventual change to injustices happening at the border.

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