Colonia Loma Linda is driving on newly paved streets
By Ramiro Gonzalez, February 7, 2023

Colonia Loma Linda has been organizing for over a decade, taking action on canals, street safety, and public lights as the years went on. The colonia recently had a victory on newly paved streets, which they celebrated Friday, January 27th, 2023. The event was organized by LUPE Community Organizer Blanca Alcaraz and residents of Colonia Loma Linda. San Juan Mayor Mario Garza also attended their communal potluck and thanked the residents for their civic engagement. ¡Si se puede!

The newly paved roads at colonia Loma Linda
LUPE Community Organizer Blanca Alcaraz in celebration with colonia residents
LUPE members taking note of the residents in attendance
Community Organizer Marcela Alejandre in conversation with Mayor Mario Garza and Colonia Resident Homero Morales
LUPE Staff, members, and colonia residents reciting the Farm Worker Prayer
Community Organizer Blanca Alcarez and Executive Director Tania A. Camacho Chavez embrace in a celebratory hug
LUPE staff, members, Loma Lima residents, and San Juan Mayor Mario Garza take a group photo on the newly paved streets

Driver sits behind the wheel smiling and holding up a red and black United Farm Worker flag emblazoned with a black aztec eagle on a red field.

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