The real “state of the state” of Texas
By LUPE, February 16, 2023

By Danny Diaz, Political Director of LUPE and LUPE Votes

Tonight, Governor Greg Abbott will deliver his 2023 “State of the State” remarks. Here’s what we’re expecting from his address: 

🤥Mischaracterizing the border to keep resources away from us

🤬Bullying immigrants and refugees 

❌ Ignoring the needs of working families

🤡 Attempts to distract us from his failure of leadership 

LUPE, our members, and supporters like you are working hard and organizing every single day for a better Texas for all. We envision a Texas that is inclusive, that is welcoming, that protects workers, immigrants, people of all faiths and backgrounds. And most importantly, we deserve a state government and policies that reflect us and our needs. 

Unfortunately tonight, Governor Abbott will share his vision of Texas that takes us in the opposite direction. What he’s offering is a misguided vision that wants to abuse our border communities instead of investing in the people of the border. His vision puts a high price tag on the dehumanization of asylum-seekers and border residents— meanwhile millions of Texans continue to go without healthcare, afford medicine, pay the rent,  living paycheck to paycheck. 

As a South Texan, I can say that time and time again we have rallied together across different races, backgrounds and beliefs to solve big problems and build a better future for our children. Once again we must come together and demand a government focused on solutions that help working families, not divisive politics that don’t align with the vision most Texans have for the future of our state.

So here’s what you can expect from us, {first name}:

🫂 Defending our values of protecting each other

♥️ Welcoming immigrants with dignity

👪 Advocating for working families 

☀️Keeping our families together and free

🏡 Building neighborhoods where everyone can thrive

Our movement has been here for decades, and we are ready to continue organizing for generations to come. Watch below our full statement in anticipation of Abbott’s address tonight. 

In solidarity,

Danny and the LUPE team

La Unión del Pueblo Entero is a membership based organization in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. More posts

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