HB7 (Texas Border Patrol) Update
By Sergio Trevino, June 5, 2023

After months of advocacy from LUPE members and border residents, I am pleased to share that HB7 has failed to advance in the Texas Legislature. This is a significant victory for the communities we represent and a testament to the power of grassroots advocacy— first by standing in the way of HB20 and then by pushing back against HB7.

Norma and Josue Aldape are long time LUPE members ready to protect mixed statues families from experiencing family separation through deportation. (Picture from our action against HB7 & HB20 outside of Rep. Ryan Guillen's office in Rio Grande City)

However, I wanted to provide you with an important update regarding our ongoing efforts to protect our communities from the misuse of power. While HB7, the bill that posed significant threats to our immigrant communities has been defeated, we must remain vigilant as Governor Greg Abbott attempts to revive anti-immigrant policies like the Texas Border Patrol Unit by calling an immediate special session.

As you may recall, HB7 sought to introduce sweeping changes that would have had detrimental effects on our constituents, particularly borderland communities. The bill aimed to create a Citizen Texas Border Patrol Unit, allocate funds for a Texas Border Wall, and create harsher punishments for border related crimes. These provisions, coupled with the significant investment in border militarization, were deeply troubling and posed a threat to the well-being and rights of our communities.

However, thanks to the vigilance and collective efforts of concerned individuals like yourself, HB7 was unable to meet the deadline required by the rules and procedures designed to safeguard constituents from the abuse of power. This outcome serves as a reminder that when we unite, raise our voices, and actively engage in the democratic process, we can make a real impact and protect our gente.

LUPE members know their worth, and do not sit by when politicians use borderlands as talking points to defund our comminutes. (Picture from our Border Residents Standing Together Against Hate outside of Homeland Security hearing in Pharr Tx.)

We cannot allow this abuse of power to go unchallenged. It is essential that we unite once again, raise our voices, and actively engage in the democratic process to protect the well-being and rights of our communities. Here are some steps we can take together:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest developments and actions by following us on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  1. Mobilize and Advocate: Reach out to your elected officials, including Governor Abbott, and express your concerns regarding the misuse of power and the diversion of funds. Urge them to prioritize the needs of our communities, such as funding for education, healthcare, infrastructure, and programs that we can all benefit from. Click here for a sample call script you can use.
  1. Engage Your Network: Share this update with your friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to participate and spread awareness about the potential consequences of reviving the Texas Border Patrol Unit and tell them to follow us on social media. 

Remember, your voice matters. By reaching out to your representatives, you can make a difference and contribute to building a stronger and more equitable future for our communities.

Thank you for your dedication and ongoing support. Together, we can hold our elected officials accountable and protect our communities from the misuse of power.

Driver sits behind the wheel smiling and holding up a red and black United Farm Worker flag emblazoned with a black aztec eagle on a red field.

Our families whole. Our communities free.

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