After More Than 30 Years, Street Lights Illuminate Colonia Sunny Skies With A Brighter Tomorrow
By Ramiro Gonzalez, September 20, 2023

Colonia Sunny Skies, located close to the airport and away from the city, may be distant from the expressway and restaurants, but that does not mean its residents should be deprived of the essentials needed to live comfortably.

Speaking to Katia Garza, an organizer for LUPE, she mentioned how the residents of Sunny Skies had gone without light for over 30 years. In darkness, they felt hopeless about their home never changing. Some residents had lived there for over 20 years before the newly added change to their colonia. They reached an agreement that enough was enough. With LUPE's support, Sunny Skies petitioned and attended the commissioners' court to discuss where taxpayer funds should go, particularly improving the living conditions of those in need.

On September 18th, we gathered at Sunny Skies to celebrate the new lights, as people from various households brought their family, friends, and meals to share in our shared victory. That same evening, we spoke to San Juana Gomez, a resident of Sunny Skies and a leader under Katia Garza. San Juana is thankful for the efforts made to achieve this, as she mentions, “Empezamos con la organización LUPE para organizar reuniones, fuimos a la corte hablando con el consejo y recopilamos peticiones, todo en español.” In her final words, she continues by saying, “Estamos muy felices de tener luz y de cómo está iluminada la colonia.”

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