Colonia Mayan #3 Emerges from Darkness: Organized Efforts with LUPE Bring Illumination with New Street Lights 
By Ramiro Gonzalez, January 30, 2024

Colonia Mayan #3 isn’t new to organizing and striving for the betterment of their way of life.

Speaking with María Dolores García, resident de Colonia Mayan, she stated: “Gracias por nuestros vecinos y el apoyo de la organización LUPE que nos ayudó a lograrlo. Siempre nos reunimos en nuestra casa para unirnos, para levantar firmas, y era para cuidar a nuestros niños debido a lo oscuro que estaba en la noche.” This achievement was a testament to the collective power of our community, showcasing the positive impact that can be achieved when a community united for a common cause: lighting, safety, security, and a safe environment for our children. 

After years of trying and overcoming their cycle of darkness, January 22nd marked the renewal of public lighting, ushering in a new era. The streets came to life, and the residents of Colonia Mayan #3 were illuminated with a sense of safety and hope.

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