Celebrating Women’s Health Awareness Month at La Unión del Pueblo Entero
By Humberto Marquez, May 10, 2024

On Friday, May 3rd, 2024, the sound of laughter and enthusiasm echoed through the La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) Salón in the San Juan Office. Dozens of mothers and their children attentively listened to the Lotería cards drawn by Kayla Montaño, LUPE’s Health Organizer, as part of the Junta General for May.

Members participate in Lotería as part of the Junta General for May.

To celebrate Women’s Health Awareness Month and Mother’s Day, Kayla Montaño and the community organizers invited several health organizations from across the Rio Grande Valley, and decorated the historical Salón in red and pink. Additionally, the Junta General agenda included important information related to Women’s Health, and feminine hygiene products were distributed as part of LUPE’s efforts in providing these products to lower-income communities. 

We thank Access Esperanza, MHP Salud, South Texans for Reproductive Justice, UTMB Health Regional Women's Services & Pediatrics, South Texas Promotores Association, & Connection Center Río Grande Valley for providing their assistance at the Junta.

Community Health Organizer Kayla Montaño (pictured right) distributing feminine hygiene products to members and the public.

“Every family deserves equal access to healthcare,” says Kayla Montaño. “We are celebrating Women’s Health Awareness Month by providing important health resources to the community. This is just one small part of our campaign to elevate access to healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Since the beginning of the year, Kayla Montaño has organized a healthcare comité with LUPE members. As part of the curriculum, members of the healthcare comité received training to become spokespeople for the cause and will soon become health ambassadors to provide health resources in their own colonias.

We cannot remain complacent as our community falls behind in healthcare access. Join the healthcare comité to hold our representatives accountable, and elevate access to healthcare in the Valley to ensure a future where our families are healthy and able to thrive. Become a LUPE member at any of our offices or call Kayla Montaño at (956) 690-5136 for more information about the healthcare comité.

Driver sits behind the wheel smiling and holding up a red and black United Farm Worker flag emblazoned with a black aztec eagle on a red field.

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