About Pueblo News

News and commentary for La Unión del Pueblo Entero members

Pueblo News is a digital platform dedicated to provide the latest news and progressive commentary to members of La Unión del Pueblo Entero. Pueblo News is produced by LUPE staff and members from the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. The show is hosted in English and Spanish and published live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

stay informed

One of the best ways to stay informed is to obtain information from a wide-range of sources. In addition to tuning in to Pueblo News, we encourage our viewers to regularly read local, state, and national news outlets to stay up-to-date. We recommend starting here:

  1. Trucha RGV
  3. Border Report
  4. Telemundo 40 
  5. The Monitor
  6. Rio Grande Guardian
  7. Univision 48
  8. Texas Tribune
  9. Texas Observer
  10. Texas Monthly
  11. Houston Chronicle
  12. ProPublica