Why are immigration reform and immigrant rights a LUPE priority?

There are over 11 million undocumented people living in the country who are denied basic civil rights due to a broken immigration system. Hundreds of thousands of these hard-working families live in the Rio Grande Valley and are in fear everyday of being separated due to unfair detention and deportation policies. As part of the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network Immigration Working Group, LUPE is organizing to push for comprehensive immigration reform to fix America’s broken immigration system with fair, humane and sensible policies that foster America’s strength, security and prosperity. The Immigration Working Group is also working at a state level as part of the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance.


Read about our latest work on immigration:

  • Know Your Rights trainings: recent trainings provided 570+ colonia residents with discussion on current anti-immigrant climate and knowing their rights when confronted by immigration authorities.
  • The DREAM Act: would provide thousands of undocumented youth who were brought here as children with the opportunity to gain citizenship by getting a two year college degree or joining the military.
  • No immigration checks during hurricanes: In response to the position that Border Patrol would continue immigration enforcement during a hurricane evacuation, community members called for a safe and humane hurricane evacuation plan that does not leave families behind.
  • County resolutions for humane immigration reform: the Immigration Reform Working Group has successfully organized to pass a resolution in support of CIR in Hidalgo County, Cameron County and the City of Alton. We have also passed a resolution condemning Arizona’s SB1070 in Hidalgo County.
  • Fighting Anti-Immigrant Legislation in the Texas Legislature:Tomball Republican Debbie Riddle has already prefiled an Arizona-style bill that will be a disaster for Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. A broad coalition has formed to fight bad bills and for the dignity and well-being of the Valley community, led by the Equal Voice Network of the RGV.
  • Rallies, marches and protests for immigrant rights: Prayer vigil to protest Arizona’s SB1070, Protesting Border Patrol murder of migrants, May Day Rally for international workers and immigrant rights solidarity, Cesar Chavez March for immigration reform, Immigration Reform convention in Austin, Texas.