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LUPE celebrates return of DACA, ready to help thousands of immigrant youth in the Rio Grande Valley
By John-Michael Torres, December 18, 2020

San Juan, Texas, December 18, 2020 —

In a victory to the immigrant movement and thousands of qualifying residents in the Rio Grande Valley, a federal judge fully reinstated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Everyone who needs to apply for DACA, whether it’s a renewal or first-time applicants, is encouraged to begin the process at LUPE by calling 956-626-1718 or visiting lupenet.org/newdaca.

Jorge De La Fuente, Attorney at LUPE, said, “This ruling by the federal judge represents a huge win for DACA applicants and immigration advocates. Like other important policy changes, the DACA program was not a result of an overnight decision.  DACA was made possible by many years of struggle and a movement led by undocumented young immigrants. Now, thousands of immigrant youth who were locked out of the program by the Trump administration can apply. The LUPE team is excited to get to work and help immigrant youth throughout the Rio Grande Valley apply for and receive protection from deportation and a work permit for the first time.”

Since its inception in 2012 after years of advocacy by immigration advocates, DACA has proved to have a positive impact in diverse communities across the country. With an estimated more than 1 million existing and potential beneficiaries, the program has protected primarily Black and brown immigrant youth who have more easily been able to pursue educational and professional opportunities and kept them safer in the place they call home. Though the impact of the program is limited to those who qualify, the immigrant movement has proven time and time again its resiliency to continue fighting for protections for all undocumented immigrants until they are all protected and live without fear.

Juanita Valdez-Cox, Executive Director at LUPE, said, “We celebrate the federal judge’s decision to bring DACA back. DACA represents some of the fundamental values that we hold close to our hearts at LUPE: the freedom to thrive and to live without fear. The Rio Grande Valley has one of the highest populations of DACA beneficiaries, and we are ready to serve each and every one of them at LUPE to make sure all qualifying people begin the application process as soon as possible. We will continue fighting for all immigrants to be protected and safe.”

To begin the application process or see if you qualify, call 956-626-1718 or visit lupenet.org/newdaca.

John-Michael Torres is Communications Coordinator for La Unión del Pueblo Entero. More posts


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