Release: LUPE launches new online membership to build community power across race, place, and background

July 7, 2021

SAN JUAN, TX – On the heels of a community victory that kept all four RGV counties out of Governor Abbott’s politically-motivated disaster declaration, LUPE is launching a new way for community members to join the community union and contribute to future victories. LUPE’s new Online Membership gives LUPE supporters the ease of joining as official members from wherever they are.

This membership comes not only with access to our services that come standard with our General Membership. Online Membership also includes the opportunity to become part of our community union and collective decision making to bring about change through virtual and in-person actions.

Sergio Trevino, digital organizer for LUPE, said, “LUPE was co-founded on the ideas of collective action and union membership by civil rights activists Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta. It is through our collective actions that LUPE has had our greatest victories and accomplishments. As the digital organizer, it is my honor to guide new online members through our online membership monthly meetings and work with them to support or lead current or future campaigns aimed at creating communities where we can all live free and thrive.”

Daniel Diaz, director of community organizing for LUPE, said, “In our victory against Abbott’s political stunt, we showed the power of a community union that brings together RGV residents across race and background. Now, LUPE’s online supporters can officially become LUPE members and join over 8,000 people who are committed to building the power of our people— our pueblo.”

To learn more about LUPE’s general and online memberships, visit our website at


LUPE is a nonprofit organization that helps the community organize for and win a better quality of life. LUPE was founded in 1989 by farmworker and civil rights leaders Cesar E. Chavez and Dolores Huerta. We are a membership-based organization and our strength is found in the participation of our over eight thousand members.