With You, the Future is Ours!
By LUPE, January 6, 2022

A new year brings new possibilities to re-imagine justice for the people at the nation's doorstep.

Picture this:

✌Our immigrant neighbors with permanent protection and on track to citizenship. No longer held hostage by bully politicians who use them to sow racist division. 

✌Border communities hopeful with Medicare for All and a $15 minimum wage.

✌Border walls coming down while climate infrastructure goes up.

🙌 A free and thriving border community. 

That future is ours for the winning. Join me in solidarity today.

The thing is, I know how impossible that future sounds. I know it can feel like the bully politicians and their greedy corporate friends are too big, too powerful.

But! together, we are strong. Together, we’ve already won big victories for border communities. And these have set us on the path to a brighter, bolder future.

✔In the 1960s, we united with workers on both sides of the border to win rights for the people who pick our fruits and vegetables.

✔In the 1990s, we came together – rural residents and city residents – to win paved roads, running water, and electricity in rural neighborhoods known as colonias.

✔In 2018, we joined together – documented and undocumented – to push back against Trump’s family separations and mobilize to reunite families.

We won these victories because people just like you and me imagined a different future and fought for it together. 

This is why I am confident that The Future is Ours for the winning. 

Together, we are strong. 

Let's continue building together a powerful union of the people – immigrants and citizens united. With your donation, you support LUPE members who are relentlessly building a vibrant and thriving future for border communities – one that embodies the best that the United States has to offer for anyone who finds themselves on the nation's doorstep.

🙌 With You, the Future is Ours!

Vanessa and the LUPE team

Vanessa Alvarado Flores marches with fellow activists to promote electoral participation.

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