Diaz: Greater than fear
By LUPE, March 24, 2022

They want us to fear each other because they are afraid of what we can accomplish when we are united.

This is an election year. And one thing is becoming perfectly clear: Certain politicians think they can win by making Texans afraid of each other.

You’ve probably seen their tactics: relentlessly shame and blame immigrants at the border.

They want us afraid of each other so that we won’t join together to demand those who govern in our name recognize our worth and act in our interests.

But they’re wrong about us. We’re better than that. And I know you know it. Help us show that we are greater than fear at LUPE's annual Cesar Chavez Day celebration. Join us in person in San Juan, TX or virtually by following us on Facebook.

You know that this election is our chance to come together across race and background to demand the things we all need to thrive.

Things like paychecks that equal the true value of our work, quality schools that prepare our children for the future by teaching the truth of our past, and safe air, water and energy that our families can depend on.

I’ll tell you why they want us afraid of each other. It’s because they are afraid of what we can accomplish when we are united.

They’re afraid we will welcome immigrants and end lucrative contracts that pad the profits of corporations that militarize the border.

They’re afraid we will demand funding for neighborhoods that flood every time it rains instead of funding for border walls that increase the risk of flooding.

They’re not just afraid – they’re terrified.

As well they should be. The simple fact is that there are more people like you and me, friend – people who believe in the promise of an America where people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds feel safe and feel like they belong.

And we won’t stop until the seeds of the beautiful, multiracial democracy that we are planting have fully bloomed with true liberty and justice for all, whether we’re women or men, young or old, white, Black or brown.

We are uniting for that vision at LUPE’s annual celebration of farmworker leader Cesar Chavez this Saturday, March 26th. Whether you can join us in person or online, you can help us show that we are greater than fear.

Joining us in person? We will gather for a caravan and driveby rally, beginning at 9 am at LUPE’s San Juan offices on Business 83 and Cesar Chavez Rd and ending at Edinburg Municipal Park. Let us know you’re coming here.

Can’t make it in person? Click here to follow our Facebook page and watch live updates directly from our caravan.

Giving them something to fear,

Danny Diaz and the LUPE team

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