Release: LUPE Mourns Loss Of Life Caused By Gov. Abbott’s Border Buoys

August 3, 2023

La Unión del Pueblo Entero condemns Gov. Abbott’s violent border policies and calls on the federal government to immediately intervene to halt Texas’ Operation Lonestar.

On Aug. 3, various outlets reported that a person died at the recently installed Texas border buoys. Last month, the Department of Justice announced its lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott for the creation of a buoy border barrier. The announcement came days after The Houston Chronicle reported border officers were instructed to deny migrants water and push children into the Rio Grande to prevent them from safely seeking asylum. 

In response, Joaquin Garcia, director of community organizing La Unión del Pueblo Entero, said:

“Our hearts are broken by the news that Gov. Greg Abbott’s border policies have taken yet another life. We send our deepest condolences to the victim’s family and loved ones, and we will keep them in our prayers.

Border barriers and deterrence policies are the cause of this tragedy. Unfortunately, people seeking safety will continue to die at the border as long as there are no safe and efficient options for them to seek asylum and more border militarization is deployed. 

We reiterate our demands to the federal government— The Department of Justice must take additional steps and to put an immediate halt on Abbott’s Operation Lonestar. The Department of Homeland Security should cease to collaborate with Texas’ illegal and racist border operations. The White House should stop endorsing deterrence tactics that ignore the humanitarian needs of children, families, and individuals at the border. 

Policies that do not take into account human needs and human rights are bound to fail, causing more harm to people seeking safety. This tragedy is a painful reminder of this truth.”

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