Release: Edinburg, Listen Up! Residents Unite For Livable Wages

September 5, 2023

On September 5th, the Initiative for a Living Wage in Edinburg approaches its conclusion as we await the decision made by the City of Edinburg.

On September 5th, Edinburg residents will convene at City Hall- Council Chambers from 6pm to 8pm, eagerly awaiting the announcement of a crucial decision – the proposed $15 wage increase for city employees and contractors. This gathering symbolizes not just an effort, but a collective push driven by the fundamental need of the city's inhabitants to lead lives of dignity and prosperity. The City Council holds a unique opportunity to make a meaningful change, benefiting employees, their families, and residents, while preserving a way of life for those in need. A livable wage, a basic necessity, should not be a matter of contention but rather a fundamental right. In attendance for this pivotal moment are representatives from LUPE (La Unión del Pueblo Entero), LUPE Votes, and dedicated Edinburg residents, all united in their commitment to witness and advocate for the change at hand.

Michael Mireles, director of civic engagement for LUPE and LUPE votes, said: “The people of Edinburg have spoken: they believe that city workers deserve a livable wage. Tonight’s event will be a reminder of the power of people uniting to defend our values and exercising our democratic rights. This victory is thanks to the city’s residents who collected signatures, one by one, to make this happen. We look forward to celebrating this victory alongside them at City Hall tonight.”

To arrange virtual or in person interviews with Michael Mireles, Director of Civic Engagement contact Ramiro Gonzalez, LUPE Communications Coordinator, at (956) 360-4277 or Interviews available in English and Spanish.


LUPE is a nonprofit organization that helps the community organize for and win a better quality of life. LUPE was founded in 1989 by farmworker and civil rights leaders Cesar E. Chavez and Dolores Huerta. We are a membership-based organization and our strength is found in the participation of our over eight thousand members.