Voter Engagement

Voter Engagement

¡Mi voto, mi voz!

The Equal Voice Network’s “Mi Voto, Mi Voz” Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Campaign is an ongoing effort to get out the vote in the low-income communities in South Texas. The campaign involves hundreds of hardworking Valley residents, many of them getting involved in the political process for the first time. After hundreds of collective hours over the past three years, our neighborhoods are show increases in the voting rate. In the 2016 presidential election the valley voter turnout increased to 49.33% as compared to 44.15% in 2012.

While the Mi Voto Mi Voz Campaign ends each election day, GOTV is only the first step in the civic engagement process necessary to create the lasting change that we desire in our communities. After election day, Equal Voice Network partners like us shift our efforts toward holding elected officials accountable to their campaign promises and educating them on their responsibilities to Valley families. Elected officials have the responsibility to address the needs of Valley residents no matter to what party or political ideology they pertain.

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