Help us drive texas adelante! 🚗 🚙

Creating a process for all Texans to earn a driver's permit boosts public safety and grow the economy.

Driver's permits are a basic necessity in Texas. Long distances between many of the state's communities mean driving is absolutely essential for residents to get to school, work, or the hospital in an emergency.

Unfortunately, Texas law currently prevents certain immigrants from obtaining driver's permits because of the state's policy of requiring an individual's immigration status to be considered when determining their eligibility to obtain a permit. Approximately 14.1% of Texas' driving population is uninsured, partly due to the state's policy of preventing undocumented immigrants from obtaining driver's permits.
Issuing permits to undocumented Texans will make every Texan safer, help provide stability for hardworking families, and generate millions in new revenue for the state.

Currently, the rigid restrictions in place prevent Texans in the most vulnerable situations, including survivors of domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, returning citizens, and others, from being able to legally drive.

Send a message to your Texas State Representative and let them know we need them to support HB1869. #DriveTexasAdelante