El income tax es para todos!

El income tax es para todos!


everyone can file, no matter your status

Even if you do not have a social security number, we can help you request your own personal identification number (ITIN). We also have experience on Self Employment Income Tax filing. Get a head start and download our ITIN checklist to gather all the materials you will need.

At LUPE, we offer full and fast electronic tax services and reimbursements throughout the year. Our experienced staff is dedicated in making sure you are taken care of. By selecting LUPE as your tax service provider, you help us continue our work in making the Rio Grande Valley a safe place for all.

3 reasons why you should file with LUPE

3 reasons why you should file with LUPE


If you do not have a personal identification number (ITIN), we can help you solicit one from the IRS so you can file your taxes.


Our offices are open year-round and located in Hidalgo and Cameron County. At each office, you will get the answers to all of your questions.


We specialize in helping those who receive 1099-MISC forms to file their income tax and receive personalized assistance and the customer service you deserve.

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