LUPE’s strength is found in our 8,000+ membership base from which leaders and volunteers are transforming their communities. Members pay membership fees on an annual basis. These fees pay for the services and leadership development practices of each LUPE Office. LUPE engages its membership in devising and conducting campaigns to achieve the mission of the organization. In order to have a positive impact on the lives of immigrant and Latino families, LUPE members develop into community leaders and are empowered to impact change.

Annual costs:

  1. Individual: $40
  2. Married couple: $60
  3. Special student rate: $20

Photo ID valid for one year.

LUPE members receive many benefits and services at a low or no cost.

1. Tax Preparation (Electronic Income Tax)
2. Immigration Services
3. Notary Services
4. Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate Translations
5. $5.00 discount on renewal of individual membership, or $10.00 for a married couple, within 30 days before or after the expiration date.
6. $10 discount on any service
7. Free Citizenship Classes in English and Spanish
8. Free Basic English Classes
9. Free Accidental Death Insurance up to value of $4,000