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If you have more time, can you take 3 minutes to make a phone call to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office? Dial (956) 383-8114. Then use the script below:

Hi, I am calling to denounce the abuse that Jorge Gonzalez suffered at the hands of Steven Farias, Marco Guerrero, and other Hidalgo County sheriff's deputies and jail officials. Jorge was a hardworking man, a loving husband, father, and son. His 1-year-old son will now grow up without a father because of police violence. I, <yourname>, demand that you immediately:

    • Release to Jorge's family all video and records of Jorge's time in custody,
    • Fire officers Steven Farias, Marco Guerrero, Jorge Cabrera and Julio Trevino

Your constituents, particularly the youth, take notice when state violence occurs. We watch our representatives and their actions closely.