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Cumbre de Colonias directs LUPE’s work for next two years
By LUPE, April 29, 2014

Cumbre signs (1)Over one hundred colonia residents and LUPE staff resolved to continue the work and struggle for streetlights, drainage, affordable housing, parks, drivers licenses and immigration reform Saturday at LUPE’s biannual Cumbre de Colonias!

Our convention of colonia and low-income neighborhood residents formalized the direction of LUPE organizing for the next two years around priorities that dozens of colonia committees expressed in meetings and conversations over the previous months and that were adopted as formal resolutions Saturday.

In attendance was Commissioner-elect Eddie Cantu of Precinct 2 to demonstrate his support and answer questions from the community. The Commissioner restated the importance of being active in the important issues affecting the community and showed his willingness to be accessible to the community, including giving out his personal cell phone number to those present.

Check out a few of the great pictures from the Cumbre on our Facebook page here.

The participation of LUPE leaders and members will help direct LUPE’s  efforts and realize new victories until our next Cumbre.  If you have still not become a LUPE member or need to renew your membership, call the LUPE office closest to you. Together, Sí Se Puede!

Pct 2 Commissioner-elect Eduardo Cantu gives media interview after addressing LUPE members at Colonia convention.

Pct 2 Commissioner-elect Eduardo Cantu gives media interview after addressing LUPE members at Colonia convention.

Thank you to Commissioner-elect of Precinct 2 Eduardo Cantu for coming and showing his support for colonia issues. And Mary Gonzalez came representing Commissioner of Precinct 4 Joseph Palacios to share Precinct 4’s support for colonia residents.

Also glad to have MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner and One Day on Earth covering the event, as well as local media outlets Univision 48, KMBH public radio, El Nuevo Heraldo and El Mañana and the Rio Grande Guardian.

Thank you to the unwavering commitment of LUPE member Doña Mari, who prepared the food for the meeting as well as brought her grandchildren to volunteer.

Thank you to the dedicated team of LUPE staff that worked hard to bring so many LUPE leaders together for the important event.

And of course thank you to the LUPE members whose hard work over the last two years has contributed to the many victories in Hidalgo County colonias.

Read more about our resolution to support immigration reform with accountability for border enforcement on our blog.

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