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White House Proposes White Nationalist Wishlist in Exchange for Dreamer Protections
By LUPE, October 9, 2017


White House Proposes White Nationalist Wishlist in Exchange for Dreamer Protections

Now more than ever, Congress must pass a clean Dream Act

SAN JUAN, TX—On Sunday evening, the White House released a proposal to protect DACA recipients from deportation in exchange for a laundry list of anti-immigrant policies, many of which were devised by white nationalist think tanks.

In response, LUPE executive director Juanita Valdez-Cox said, “Americans should see our diversity as a source of strength. Yet President Trump’s immigration principles undermine our national values and embolden white supremacists. These policies are so extreme, even Republicans don’t support them. It is clear that this administration’s immigration and border policies, including his call to build a wall, are driven by hate toward people of color.”

John-Michael Torres, LUPE communications coordinator, said, “Border communities value our relationship with our neighbors and family across the river. We support Dreamers and their families and know that immigrants play an important part in the strength of our communities, and our country. That is why we need a clean Dream Act, free of border militarization and more deportations. Senator John Cornyn needs to make clear what he stands for: border communities and border Dreamers or the hate driving the administration’s attack on us.”

Make a Call to Support Dreamers

Do you support Dreamers? Call Senator John Cornyn and ask him to support a clean Dream Act, free from border militarization and deportations.

Dial 202-224-2934, press #2 to leave a message or #3 to speak to a representative. Leave your name, city, zip code and why you support DACA. Then add:

Now is the Time for Senator Cornyn to Defend DACA. Trump ending DACA is cruel and siding with the white nationalists inside and outside his administration. I want Senator Cornyn to stand up for dreamers and support a clean Dream Act, free of border militarization and deportations.

Once you're done, click here to tweet out this call to action:

I called Senator @JohnCornyn and asked him to support a #CleanDreamAct. Join me and stand up for Dreamers: http://wp.me/p6fT8A-1Nh

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