What we hope to hear in the State of the Union Address tonight

In his address tonight, we expect that the President will reiterate the importance of immigrants and immigration reform to this nation. We hope that he also addresses the importance of protecting the rights of communities along the border and keeping the families of New Americans together.

Youth in the movement for Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

LUPE offices have begun to create a space for youth, hosting monthly youth meetings where youth can learn more about Deferred Action, find out what’s going on with immigration reform, and connect with other members their own age. Click to learn more, get involved or support!

ALERT: Obama announces change to DHS policy regarding deportation of dreamers

The White House announced today that the administration will provide “deferred action” for some undocumented youth who qualify for the DREAM Act. LUPE will hold an orientation meeting on the policy change this Thursday. Read on to learn more about this important announcement and find out if it might help you.